Paulina Zuczek Music

“We could change this whole world with a piano.”



“Don’t be so cool you can’t cry. Don’t be so smart you can’t wonder. Don’t be so set on your sunny days that you can’t love the roll of the thunder.”


Piano and Vocal lessons

Music lessons should be more than just a weekly activity,  it's a journey that allows for enlightenment and growth where the passion for music is shared and embodied. 

PROCESS: We create personalized lessons depending on skill level, and later throughout the process provides detailed feedback reports following visible progress. 

WHEN: May to August in Calgary, Alberta & September to May in London, Ontario

FEE: $40/hr


House Concerts, Private Functions, Holiday Parties, Weddings, you name the event and we can entertain the crowd! 

PROCESS: We will collaborate and discuss the mood that is expected for the event so the entertainment is executed to perfection!  

WHEN: Available all year long 

FEE: $200/hr - Varies depending on the event. 

Studio musician

Need an extra melody for your soundtrack? We've got you covered! 

PROCESS: We can play the piano, keyboards and/or vocals.  

WHEN: All year long 

FEE: $200/hr